Learn to Fly in Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg Area, Florida

The Best Flight School in Tampa

Become a Commercial Pilot in Tampa Florida – the birthplace of the first commercial aviation flight in the world.

Part 141 School Tampa Florida
Only Part 141 School in Tampa Florida

We offer pilot training programs to suit your needs – regardless of whether you are to become a non-career pilot or a professional pilot.

Earning your pilot certificate is a fairly simple process.  You can enroll in our structured Part 141 FAA approved private pilot, instrument rating or commercial pilot certificate courses and earn these certificates in as few as 190 hours (which means that you can spend the rest of the money adding on a multi-engine rating or become a Certificated Flight Instructor and start teaching at our academy and build your time to work towards your Airline Transport Pilot certificate which requires up to 1,500 hours of aeronautical experience and get paid while you build your time.

No matter what program you choose, our academy is very friendly, our staff are there to help you and we have had many  satisfied and happy customers over the past two years.  We are a fast growing aviation academy where you will always be treated as an important customer.


The benefits of training with Global Pilot Academy:

  • We provide personalized instruction experience.
  • Ultra-modern facilities
  • Through our Part 141 approved courses, you can complete your training in lower time than under Part 61 and can save a significant amount of money (almost 25%)
  • We own our fleet and our fleet is very well maintained.
  • Our maintenance company Global Aero Maintenance, Inc. is on the field and provide excellent and timely maintenance to our fleet.
  • We are the only flight school at Tampa Executive Airport (Tampa –  KVDF)
  • We have a FAA testing center on-site for our students as well as others (PSI Lasergrade)
  • Our pricing reflects transparency to you and respect for your money.
  • You are treated as a customer and not as a student!!

We are the premier provider of flight training services for your private pilot certificate/license (PPL), instrument rating (IR), commercial pilot certificate/license (CPL), multi-engine rating (ME), airline transport pilot certificate/license (ATP) certificate as well as your instructor certificates for both single-engine and multi-engine and instrument instructor ratings.  We also offer ab-initio pilot training programs for commercial pilot and  airline pilot certificates.

Global Pilot Academy, Inc. is a FAA Part 141 Certificated Pilot School  and is headquartered in Tampa Florida.
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