Career Pilot

Your Career as a Pilot

Thinking about being a career pilot? Excellent Choice. The profession is filled with excitement. No other profession provides the level of satisfaction and enjoyment that flying does.

A Commercial Pilot Certificate is needed for you to become a pilot for hire. In order to obtain your commercial pilot certificate you need to have at least 250 hours if you trained under Part 61 or about 190 hours if you train under Part 141.

In order to become an Airline Pilot, you need to be a commercial pilot, be 23 years of age and have a Class 1 medical certificate and pass the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program and also have 1500 hours of flying experience under your belt before any airline in the United States of America is going to pick you up. ATP certificate allows you to be either the pilot in command or first officer of a large airline transport aircraft.

What what some of these professional pilots have to say.  Remember – these are not words from a flight school but from pilots who are independent of our pilot school!