What’s It Take to Learn to Fly?

When it comes to becoming a pilot (career or non-career), challenges and obstacles along the way separate the interested from the dedicated.   Challenges that we see typically with our students are: perseverance balancing work, family and learning managing the financial commitment reading, comprehending and retaining aviation laws and regulations, air space, aircraft systems, aerodynamics, human factors, weather and other subject areas Over million pilots on this planet they have managed to overcome these. When it comes to the learning part – remember, the FAA only requires the student pilot to be 17 years of age and know how to read, write, speak and understand English and be of sound medical health.  Most high school graduates therefore qualify and definitely have the acumen and capability. I will cover perseverance in this article and will write articles that cover the other of the above 4 areas in the coming days. Full Definition of perseverance-Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Source: What’s It Take to Learn to Fly?

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