India DGCA Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

India DGCA Professional Pilot Program

The aviation industry in India is fast growing and expected to continue growing for the next 20 years, making this a vibrant industry for employment opportunities especially as a Pilot.  A vast majority of the airline and commercial pilots employed in India are trained in the USA with an FAA license.

Our India DGCA CPL Program is ideal for you if you are pursuing a career as an airline or commercial pilot.  Our programs are designed to get you from zero time to a type-rating of your choice through a Part 141/Part 61 program.  These fixed price programs are better than any other program offered elsewhere.  In order to obtain flight training in the USA you need to obtain a M-1 visa from the US Embassy/Consulate in India.  To obtain a visa, you need to apply to our academy and obtain a Form I-20 that we can issue.  See our International Student webpage for additional information on how to obtain an I-20 and pay SEVIS fees as well as US Embassy Process.

Check for requirements to ensure that you comply with those requirements.  We highly recommend that you get a medical examination suitable for India DGCA and apply to TSA while you are in India to expedite your process.

Our Program Prices


Included Hours

Multi  Engine Hours


Program Length

Training Schedule

Commercial Single + Multi (Cessna 152 and Piper Seneca)


240 Hours


Private, Instrument, Commerical Single and Multi Engine Land


8 Months

Full Time - 5 days/week

Commercial Single + Multi (Cessna 152 and Piper Seneca) Insturment Rating in a Cessna 172


240 Hours


Private, Instrument, Commerical Single and Multi Engine Land

8  Months

Full Time - 5 days/week


Cessna 172 and Piper Seneca 


240 Hours


Private, Instrument, Commerical Single and Multi Engine Land

8 Months

Full Time - 5 days/week

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Our fees are all inclusive except for  housing costs which are $700-$800 per month (single occupancy) and check-ride re-take fees for  failed checkrides or failed written exams.   Please write to us at for more details

Benefits of doing your flight training with us in the USA compared to doing your flight training in India:

  • Availability in Aicraft and Airports (251 in India compared to 5,146 in the US) For Flight Training in India is LIMITED and the number of flying clubs in India that do flight training are LIMITED.  This means it costs you more and it takes you longer to train in India compared to the USA.  The Top 5 flying clubs in India are packed!!!  It will take you over 2 years to complete your training there.
  • Your DGCA Licence is not good outside of India and is very difficult to convert to any other country. So if you have an opportunity to fly in other countries, getting DGCA licence converted is very very difficult.  Whereas, the FAA Certificate is converted lot easier to other ICAO contracting states licences
  • FAA Certificates  DO NOT EXPIRE – If you have a FAA Certificate it is good for life.  DGCA Licences do expire!!
  • Cadet Programs in India are Expensive but they “pre-qualify” you for the training.  That does not mean that you qualify to become a pilot or get hired.  The price you pay for cadet programs is twice as much as what you would pay for a non-cadet program.  Having said that, if you excel in the Cadet Program, your are going to be ahead of the line..

Flying in Tampa, Florida USA is an all year round activity.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the Indian governmental regulatory body for civil aviation under the Ministry of Civil Aviation. This is the government aviation authority responsible for issue of pilot licenses in India

DGCA Website:

DGCA Requirements for CPL application date (General Requirement to be fulfilled) 

  • Age: >18 (As per 10th standard certificate)
  • Medical: class-I (within 12 months validity).  You need to pass Class-1 Medical for DGCA Purposes and FAA purposes
  • Qualification: 10+2 Pass with Physics and Math
  • Knowledge: Pass the DGCA Air Regulation and Meteorology and Navigation before you come to the US – If you do that you have 30 months to finish your flight training and convert your licence.  If you take these tests after you finish your CPL, you have 6 months to pass these tests,  If you don’t pass them, you will have to come back to do recurrency training before you apply for conversion..  We can recommend courses, books and schools in India that can help you pass this.
  • Others:-
    1. have valid RTR(A) from Ministry of Communications.
    2. verification certificates in respect of qualification (10th and 12th ) with original and attested certificates
    3. valid foreign license with verification from issuing authority.
    5. certified log book and attested respective flying statements (i.e. within preceding 5yrs, 6months & x-country)
    6. eight photograph imprinted with name at top

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Our Indian Students will feel at home in Tampa, Home of the IIFA awards in 2014.  The India Cultural Center, Indian Restaurants and Indian Grocery Stores are all within reach of your student housing.

Our professional pilot program is designed to meets all the requirements of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India. On successful completion of our training program, you will earn all the necessary certificates, ratings and flight time necessary to satisfy both the DGCA, India and the FAA, USA for issue of a commercial pilot license.

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