The following requirements for international students must be met before we can issue the I-20 for your student M1 Visa.


1.- You must be able to read, write, and speak English.​


2.- Completed and signed Application for International Students. 

Please note that all of the fields need to be completed. Click here to start the application.

3.- The following documents will need to be included with our online application. These can be scanned and submitted online through the application in step 2.

  • Upload color copy of the passport

  • Upload of financial support document

  • Any current U.S visa, if any.

4.- Proof of financial responsibility. This needs to be an official bank document showing that you have funds available for flight training desired and living expenses. If the funds are deposited in a bank in another individual's name, you will need to have that person sign an affidavit of financial support stating that they will be financially responsible for your living expenses and flight training while in the USA.  A Declaration of Finances must also need to be completed and signed.  We will then send you an acceptance letter via email. You will then be required to pay the Application fee of $350.

  • Application fee of $350.00 – Payable by credit card, cashier's checks, or wire transfer.  

  • Please call  +1 813-600-4052 to pay by credit card.


5.- We will then mail the I-20 form to make an appointment to obtain your M-1 visa. Once you receive your I-20, you will need to log into SEVIS and pay your I-901 fee.

  • The current cost for this is $350. Please check the SEVIS website for up-to-date pricing. You will receive a receipt immediately after registration. Later you will receive your official receipt of payment in the mail. You must complete this step before scheduling your interview appointment with the American Embassy. Important – The information you enter on Form I-901 must match exactly as is shown on Form I-20. You may pay this fee by credit card online, or you can print out the application and send it with a money order issued by an American bank. You must have this receipt when visiting the US Embassy to apply for your Visa (you will also need to show the receipt to us upon your arrival for flight training). Pay the SEVIS I-901 fee at

6.- You must call the nearest U.S. Embassy for an appointment to receive approval of the M-1 Visa.

  • The student will then go to the U.S. Embassy with the appropriate documents for a routine interview. Appropriate documents include Form I-20; Passport; Financial Statements; Receipt for payment of Form I-901. The student will be notified as to whether they have been approved or disapproved. If all is in order, the U.S. Embassy will provide the student with an M-1 Student Visa, permitting them to enter the U.S. The length of time for this process varies from country to country. It may be a good idea to practice your interview with a friend or family member and research your home country's aviation field.


  1. Fill out an application for a background check with TSA online. The application processing fee for each course is currently $130. Please check the TSA website for current pricing. The name on the credit card used must match the name on the application. If there is no fingerprinting agency located in your home country, you will need to complete the fingerprint portion after entering the United States. You can verify if there is an agency in your home country by going to the link below and completing the form. Afterward, you will receive an email requesting your fingerprints, and you will be given access to a website that will show you all fingerprinting agencies. The TSA fee does not have to be paid until after receiving approval for your M-1, which will be stamped on your passport.  Visa. Fingerprinting will be done at our school digitally.   Please allow 5-7 business days for TSA fingerprint processing. Please note that you will not begin your flight training program until your TSA fingerprints have been processed and we receive final approval from the TSA for your flight training.                   

  2. It is recommended that all International Students purchase a “Medical/Accident” Insurance Policy before arriving in the U.S. for the length of time they are in flight training.  We can provide you with the names of companies that offer these types of insurance.