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     Our US Airline Pilot Program has the best value in the area.  Our prices are more competitive than many large flight schools.  We have graduated hundreds of students.  Most large flight schools are expensive, but your flight training does not have to be.

To become an Airline Pilot, you must:

  • Be a commercial pilot.

  • Be at least 23 years of age.

  • Have a First Class medical certificate

  • Pass the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program

  • Have 1500 hours of flying experience

Airline Transport Pilot certificate allows you to be either the Captain or the first officer of a large airline transport aircraft.


STARTING $47,999

Hours Included: 240 hrs.

215 hrs. Single Engine

25 hrs. Multi-engine

Program Length: 10 Months

Training Schedule: 5 x week

Certificates: Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Single Engine Land / Multi-Engine land, CFI, CFI-I

What is Included: Airplane rental, Instructor, FAA-approved ground course.


The steps to become an Airline Pilot

- Get a First Class medical – This is a requirement to use your Airline Transport Pilot Certificate's privileges.

- Enroll in our Airline Pilot Program – This is a 2-year course that involves the following steps:

1 -Complete 6 weeks private pilot certificate course

2 - Complete 6 week instrument course

3 - Complete 12 week commercial pilot course

4 - Complete 4 week CFI course

5 - Complete 2 week multi-engine commercial add-on course.

6.- Work for us as Flight Instructor for 14 months to accumulate your ATP minimums (1500 hours)

Now the Fun Part – You teach in our academy (only US Citizens and US Residents), get paid, and build your experience before heading to the Airlines.