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International Frequently Asked Questions

How long is training?- Typically training is between 10 and 12 months.

How many students study at GPA? Approximately 40 domestic 40 international

What type of aircraft does GPA have? -Cessna 172, Cessna 152, Piper Seneca for Multi, C172RG for complex, Piper Arrow for complex. We also have a CR12 and DCXMAX for simulators. Our aircraft are listed on our website under the following link:

How many instructors do you have? - Our staff are listed on our website under the following link:

What is your student to instructor ratio? - We do not have a set ratio, our instructors determine their own student load.

Does GPA have in-house maintenance? - Yes, Global Aero Maintenance is on-site.

What is the flight training schedule? - We will pair you up with an instructor who will schedule you 4-5 days a week. Our timelines are based on students training 4-5 days per week.

How long are the lessons? - Each lesson is about 2 hours but there are some that will require more or less time depending on the syllabus. The rest of your time should be used studying book material. 

What are your hours?  - We are open 9am - 4 pm CST Monday - Friday and Saturday by appointment only.

Can I start training before I get my FAA Medical Certificate? - No, GPA’s policy is that all students have their FAA medical certificate prior to beginning flight training. A class 3 medical is all that is required for training. 

How do payments work?  - Students pay in $10,000 installments. The payment schedule is as follows:

1st  Installment- $10,000 (to cover the first 50 hours of instruction and training materials including airplane costs) Private Pilot Phase. This is paid prior to arrival

2nd Installment $10,000 for each 50 hours of airplane time Instrument phase 

3rd Installment $10,000 for 100 -150 hours

4th Installment of $10,000 for 150 to 200 hours

5th Installment of $10,000 for the 200 to 230 -240 hours.

6th Installment of remaining balance

Payments are to be made every 50 hours or 2 calendar months whichever comes first in sequence.


How are prices calculated? - Prices are based on the course syllabus. 

What is TSA? - TSA is the process for background verification for pilots by the FAA before they commence flight training. Further instructions will be sent upon acceptance and can be completed when you have arrived in the U.S. 

Do I need to take my DGCA exams prior to arriving at GPA? - Yes, we require DGCA exams be done prior to starting at DGCA

How can I obtain U.S. health insurance? - It is encouraged that all students obtain medical insurance. You may also opt for basic travel insurance to take care of travel from India to the US. The link for Medical Insurance: 

What are my housing options?- GPA suggests several accommodations options that are provided before arrival. 

Please look at Malibu apartments first:

Additional apartments to consider:

  1. Preserve apartments:

  2. Ascott apartments:

  3. The Ivy:

  4. The Vue:

  5. The Retreat:

  6. The Province:

  7. The social:

What should I bring to GPA? - Please reference our packing list GPA Packing List 

What should I study before arrival?- Students need to come prepared for their FAA Written Knowledge Test and be prepared to take the exam within the first two weeks of starting their program. 

We will include a few links to resources for further study: 

  1. Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge:

  2. Airplane Flying Handbook:

  3. GPA Google Drive: The Google Drive is a database of documents and GPA information and contains folders for each rating. Within the Google Drive we have; A Syllabus for Each Program, Time Allocation Tables, Aircraft Training Supplements, Pilot Briefings, Safety Procedures and Practices, Airmen Certification Standards, and Other Documents. 

GPA Google Drive (link)

  1. Ground School - Jeppesen: If you are obtaining your ground school through GPA, we will order you Jeppesen online ground for you and bill it to your account. Jeppesen will send you a reset password link so you can view your online ground. Please allow 3-5 business days to receive your reset password link.

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