Our instrument rating course under Part 61 and Part 141 uses a combination of Airplane and FAA-approved flight simulators to get maximum value from your training. Please take into consideration your total aeronautical experience before choosing one of our programs.

Instrument Rating



Hours Included:

- 20 hrs. Aircraft Rental (C-172)

- 20 hrs. FAA-Approved Simulator

- 40 hrs. with an Instructor

Instrument Airplane Rating

*Student must have 50 hrs Cross Country as PIC


PART 141


Hours Included:

- 21 hrs. in Aircraft Rental (C-172)

- 14 hrs. FAA-Approved Flight Simulator

- 70 hrs. Instructor

Program Length: 6 weeks
Training Schedule: 5 x week
Ground Instruction: Included

Instrument Airplane Rating

How to choose between

Part 61 or Part 141?

It all depends on your total aeronautical experience and availability. Under part 61, you will need to have a minimum of 50 hours Cross country as PIC and other requirements that might not be necessary under

part 141.

This course is the first step to allow you to obtain your instrument rating and legally fly in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) or IFR required airspace of the Air Traffic Control system.
Obtaining an instrument rating is the first step to demonstrate to your insurance carrier that you are a more qualified private pilot.

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