Flight Instructors

It's the culmination of your training - take your knowledge higher as you prepare to share the joy of flying with others. Our package includes extensive ground training and familiarization with flying from the right seat. Get paid to fly as a CFI.* Preference is given to Global Pilot Academy graduates when the school hires!



Hours Included

Ground Instruction: 50 hrs.
Flight Instruction: 14 hrs.
Complex Aircraft: 3 hrs.
Cessna 172: 7 hrs.
Simulator: 4 hrs.



Hours Included

Ground Instruction:  10 hrs.
Flight Instruction: 15 hrs.
Cessna 172: 10 hrs.
Simulator: 5 hrs.



Hours Included

Ground Instruction: 10 hrs.
Flight Instruction: 20 hrs.
Piper Seneca: 15 hrs.
Simulator: 5 Hrs.