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Commercial Pilot Certificate

You must have Commercial Pilot Certificate to be compensated as a pilot. To obtain one, you need to have at least 250 hours total flight time for Part 61 or 190 hours for Part 141.

As a Commercial pilot, you could Ferry Airplanes, Flight Banners, Tow Gliders, or become a Flight Instructor.


Commercial Single Engine (Part 141)

STARTING AT $ 17,999

Hours Included: 

-86 hrs. Aircraft Rental (C-152)

-10 hrs. Complex Aircraft

-24 hrs. FAA-approved Flight Simulator

-80 hrs. with a Flight Instructor

Certificate: Commercial Pilot Single Engine Land

**The student must have a Private Pilot certificate with Instrument Rating. To qualify for a Commercial Check Ride you will need a minimum of 190 for Part 141. If you are doing a Commercial Part 61 Program you must meet the requirements for Part 61.129 and have a total of 250 hours.


Multi-Engine Rating (Part-61)


Hours Included: 

-10 hrs. Aircraft Rental (PA34-200)[Multi-engine]

- 5 hrs. FAA-approved Flight Simulator

- 30 hrs. with a Flight Instructor

Certificate: Multi-Engine Add on

**The student must have a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument Rating

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